LG announced its high-end V10 smartphone a couple of weeks ago and has just released a video showing off some of the features included in its new UX4.0+ user interface, which powers the company’s latest handset.

The video demos a number of new features packed into LG’s UX4.0+ software package, including the camera’s wide angle selfie mode and the huge range of manual camera options available in the app. The handset features a 16 megapixel rear camera with f/1.8 aperture and OIS, while there are two 5MP cameras on the front which allow for a 120 degree wide field of view.

If audio is more your thing, LG’s Hi-Fi Audio Experience software suite and support for higher resolution audio formats on its 32-bit DAC might catch your interest. Furthermore, busy people out there may find the software’s organization features and second screen, which can be used to house your most frequency tasks, rather convenient, according to the video.

Have you been impressed by LG’s latest additions to Android, or are there still some features missing that other OEMs have just right?

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