The mobile accessory market is booming and LG sure doesn’t want to stay at the bench. The Korean manufacturer has been hard at work and today they are announcing one of the most interesting wireless keyboards we have seen in a while. The LG Rolly is a pretty awesome contraption with a mechanism that allows it to be… well, rolled into what looks like a long stick (or thin burrito).

The benefit of such an accessory is that it fits in any pocket and can be easily carried anywhere. To make matters even more convenient, a stand for mobile devices also folds out of it, making it easy to prop up any tablet and start typing away.


OK, so those aspects of the device are pretty awesome, but we know what most of you are thinking: that thing looks tiny! And it is, but LG promises a reasonably good typing experience. They claim its comfort is hard to beat, as “its 17 mm key pitch is nearly as generous as the 18 mm key pitch found on most desktop keyboards”. The arms are said to be “sturdy” and the keyboard feedback is unlike those cheap silicone keyboards. And while the product looks rather flimsy, LG claims the Rolly will handle a drop or two thanks to the durable polycarbonate and ABS plastic it touts.


Don’t let the keyboard’s basic look fool you, either; this thing is pretty feature-full. It can connect to two devices at once, and you can switch between them with a simple key press. As you can see in the video (embedded below), the LG Rolly can also auto-connect to any device, and it turns off when not in use, so as to save battery. And while we are on the topic, let us remind you battery life shouldn’t really be a problem. The LG Rolly runs off a single AAA battery, which lasts up to 3 months with normal usage.

Interested? I sure am. Sadly, we have no idea about pricing just yet. What we do know is that it launches in the US this September. Other key markets in Latin America, Europe and Asia will follow “in the fourth quarter”. The LG Rolly will be showcased at IFA, so we’ll try to give you a quick look at it from the show floor! Who is buying?