LG has just announced the Q8, the latest member to join the company’s Q lineup of smartphones. But I wouldn’t quite describe it as a “new device.”

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It was only a week ago that the South Korean electronics company announced the LG Q6, Q6 Plus, and Q6a. Taking design cues from the company’s current flagship, the LG G6, the Q6 lineup was essentially LG’s answer to Samsung’s Galaxy A series – midrange smartphones that are both attractive and capable. Well, today, LG has taken the wraps off the latest member to join the Q family: the LG Q8.

If the LG Q8 or LG H970 looks extremely familiar to you, you’re not alone. Its design as well as some of its features are taken directly from last year’s V20. For instance, just like the V20, the Q8 features two screens on the front: one 5.2-inch QHD panel and a smaller strip on top which can double as an always-on ticker. And just like last year’s V-series flagship, the Q8 supports Quad DAC.

Other than that, the device is powered by Snapdragon 820, 4 GB of RAM, and a beefy 3,000 mAh battery. It features a 13-megapixel sensor and an additional 8-megapixel wide-angle lens, and although the megapixels have gone down compared to the V20, the Q8 is dust- and water-resistant. On the official LG Italy website, the promotional image indicates that the device is IP67 certified whereas the specs page says it’s IP68. I’m inclined to say that it’s IP67, and here is why.

It looks like the “newly-announced” Q8 is just a recycled version of the LG V34, which launched last October exclusively for Japan.

If you are an avid LG fan or just extra perceptive, the Q8 should remind you of another device. Indeed, it looks like the “newly-announced” Q8 is the exact same device as the LG V34, which launched last October exclusively for Japan. That’s why unlike the Q6 series, the Q8 features LG’s older design language and lacks the company’s new aspect ratio. And that’s why just like the V34, the Q8 probably features IP67 rating.

The LG Q8 will be available for €599 later this month in Europe. There’s no official word on whether it’ll arrive in other markets although if you ask me, I’d be willing to bet that it’ll probably never officially come to North America.

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