lg vpinput

VPInput, a new app from LG, lets you control your LG G5, G4, or V10 from your PC or Mac.

lg vpinput 2The new app works over Bluetooth and doesn’t require an internet connection. All you need is the VPInput app installed on your smartphone, the PC companion software running on your PC, and – of course – Bluetooth connectivity.

With VPInput, you can control your smartphone using the mouse and keyboard from your PC. You can type messages or emails on your phone with your PC keyboard and the app provides a shared clipboard, meaning that whatever you copy on your PC becomes available for pasting on your smartphone. Another cool functionality is the ability to instantly share a screenshot of the smartphone to your PC. You can also quickly switch between apps on your phone using keyboard shortcuts – for instance, you can press Ctrl-F1 to open WhatsApp.

Not everyone will find this app useful, but if you do a lot of work on your smartphone or if you need to switch between your desktop and smartphone frequently, LG VPInput could give you a nice productivity boost.

Get the VPInput app from the Play Store, download the PC or Mac client from here, and let us know what you think!