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LG is not leaving it to the tech blogs and leak peddlers to reveal details about the upcoming G4. Ahead of the G4’s April 28 unveiling, the Korean company is revealing information about the phone, including the display, software, and now the camera.

In the first teaser video for the G4, LG is focusing on the phone’s rear camera, which will feature an f/1.8 aperture. The lower the f-number, the greater the aperture opening is and the more light can reach the sensor for each shot. This is important in low light conditions, as well as when you want to achieve a bokeh effect, where the background is out of focus.

While there’s more to a camera than the f-number, an f/1.8 aperture would put the G4 ahead of the Galaxy S6 (f/1.9), the One M9 (f/2.2), the Xperia Z3 (f/2.0), and the iPhone 6 (f/2.2). It would also be an improvement over the f/2.4 of the LG G3. Combined with optical image stabilization and a laser-assisted fast focusing system, this should put the G4 in a very good position in the camera race.

The teaser also briefly shows the silhouette of the G4 and the phone’s rounded camera module. Both resemble the design of last year’s G3, though it’s hard to tell from a few obscure frames. We can tell, however, that the images that leaked a few weeks ago allegedly showing the G4 don’t match the device in the teaser – the shape of the camera in particular is different.

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Finally the video hints at leather again (just like the event invite), but we can’t tell if we should take the hint literally (Moto X-style) or the leather reference is just a stylistic choice.

The G4 will feature a 5.5-inch Quad HD display (an improved version over last year’s G3), LG’s new UX 4 user interface, and – rumor has it – a Snapdragon 808, instead of the Snapdragon 810 inside the G Flex 2. It looks like LG is poised to reveal more details about the G4 ahead of its official unveiling so stay tuned.

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