LG G4 promo

Back in June, LG gave US residents a really good incentive to purchase the LG G4. They were giving away a free 32GB microSD card, an extra battery, and a battery charging cradle. At first the offer was only available until June 21 but then LG extended it to the end of June. Don’t worry if you missed that offer because there is a new one.

LG will give you a free premium leather back for your G4 and a second battery with charging cradle. The offer is open throughout July to anyone living in the US, and all submissions must be received by LG by August 14. LG is giving you two methods of submission: online or mail-in.

Before you submit, you’ll need to gather a few things that LG will use to verify the legitimacy of your purchase. You will need to provide them with a copy of your receipt, and a picture of your box showing the IMEI number. Then comes the difficult part: as they make you choose between a light sky blue, orange, pink, yellow, or red leather backing. You can become eligible for the offer by purchasing the G4 from major carriers as well as authorized retailers. Will this offer make you more inclined to purchase the LG G4? Let us know in the comments.

Redeem your incentive here!

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