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LG has a lot hanging on the success of its new G4, even if there’s an even “more premium” device coming later this year. So it’s no surprise that the Korean manufacturer is supporting the launch of the G4 with some marketing muscle, including this series of commercials that will soon begin airing on TV.

The clips focus on the key strong suits of the G4: its design, display, and camera.

Interestingly, LG created two variants of the “Leather” video that are identical shot for shot except for the color of the leather back cover highlighted in the commercials. That’s likely because the two colors won’t be offered in every market, at least at launch.


The Display video highlights the vibrancy boost that LG gave to the G4’s screen using quantum dots technology.



Finally, the third video is all about that f/1.8 lens that puts the G4’s camera ahead of the pack, even if it’s just by a hairline when it comes to the Galaxy S6.

As a bonus, check out this brief interview with photographer Colby Brown and see more of what he can do with nothing but a G4 in this post.

Following HTC’s less than convincing series of bizarre promo videos, it’s good to see LG’s commercials focusing on what actually matters to the user: the device and what makes it stand out against the competition. Let us know your thoughts!

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