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LG leads the pack at Display Week 2018

LG showed off a number of new panels at Display Week 2018. From foldable to sound-emitting, there's a new technology for everyone at this show.

Published onMay 25, 2018

Display Week is here, and vendors are showcasing a ton of weird and incredibly niche display technologies for almost any use case. While there are hundreds of vendors lined up at this show, LG is the one company that is quite obviously leading the charge of what’s possible in a screen. LG is showing off four different product demos at the show this year, each with a unique concept that may eventually make their way to your home, and maybe even your phone.

Without further ado, here are the four different demos LG had to show off this year.

LG Display
Apple reportedly partnering with LG Display for folding iPhone

The first display shown here was a 77-inch foldable OLED. This OLED is 40 percent transparent, enabling you to see objects through the opposing side of the display. LG placed different colored roses on the opposing side of the display, showcasing how you can light up areas around objects behind your screen.

This display is foldable as well, so there was a machine bending it back and forth in the corner. This could theoretically enable things like foldable interactive maps or  TVs that could roll down from the ceiling. The colors on this display looked vibrant and rich, and this is something I’d love to have hanging in my home.

LG Display

The next display was a 65-inch Crystal Sound OLED which has a speaker within the screen itself. This display emitted sound directly from the display, and even vibrated slightly to prove sound was coming from it and not a separate module. I could see this being a bit of an issue since the image would be shaking along with the sound, but it is cool to see what LG is able to do with this new ultra-thin OLED technology.

Because sound is coming straight out of the TV itself, this application could help streamline home theater setups. speakers embedded in the display mean that you are getting more direct sound from the center of the display, so maturity of this technology could be great for the future of home entertainment.

LG Display

The third display LG showed off was a new car dashboard concept. There was a display for the driver, center console, and passenger. This looked similar to Android Auto with various apps and types of information being displayed, but the big idea here was replacing all the mechanical display modules with interactive touchscreens.

Video: Here's what the future of Android Auto looks like

The passenger display was much larger, and gave the person access to things like messaging, movies, and other types of media. Of course this was just a display concept, so theoretically developers could create whatever software they wanted to go on these things. Whether it be Android Auto or something entirely different, this display could be everywhere in your car.

Google VR

The final display was a collaboration with LG and Google: a 4.3-inch 5K panel with a density of 1,443ppi. This display is much, much denser than conventional VR displays, and even HTC’s recent Vive Pro only utilizes a display density of 615ppi. Though the company only had one lens to look through and not a functioning headset, it was cool to see what will be possible in the coming years when it comes to virtual reality.

Google VR

It’s clear that LG is really leading the pack when it comes to display technology. While there were definitely a lot interesting concepts being thrown about at Display Week this year, LG was front and center with what will soon be making its way into your everyday life.

Are any of these displays particularly exciting to you? Wishing you had these in your home? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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