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Is The Legend of Korra on Netflix? You bet it is!

Is The Legend of Korra on Netflix? You bet it is. We give you all the information about this acclaimed animated TV series.

Published onApril 24, 2021

the legend of korra netflix

After the acclaimed animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender made its debut on Netflix several months ago, many fans wondered, “Is the sequel, The Legend of Korra, on Netflix as well?” Well, now the answer is, “Yes, it is.” Here’s what you need to know about this sequel, and where to watch The Legend of Korra on the streaming service. You can watch the series now at the link below:

What is The Legend of Korra?

The series was created by Avatar: The Last Airbender creators Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko. The Legend of Korra is set in the same fantasy world as the previous series. In this world, humans are divided into four tribes, each of which corresponds to one of the four classic elements: water, earth, fire, or air. Some people in these tribes are called “benders” because they can manipulate the element that is the center of their tribe.

The sequel series is set 70 years after the events of Avatar. It centers on Korra, a 17-year old girl. Like Aang, the 12-year old boy at the center of the previous series, Korra is an Avatar, which means she’s the only one in this fantasy work that can control all four elements. She is supposed to be a peacekeeper for all four tribes.

However, Korra is a very different character than Aang. In the beginning, she’s more rash and arrogant than her predecessor, and thus prone to make more mistakes when fighting enemies. Ultimately, Korra has to deal with more internal conflict than Aang. Indeed, in the show’s final season, she spends much of it both physical and mental therapy.

The series itself is highly polarizing within the Avatar: The Last Airbender fan community. Many fans of the original series would have preferred a continuation, featuring its original cast of characters. However, other fans have praised The Legend of Korra for addressing sexual, racial, and other more mature themes for a show aimed at a younger audience.

How many seasons of the show are there to watch?

There are four seasons of The Legends of Korra to stream and watch on Netflix. The series first debuted on the Nickelodeon cable TV network in 2012. However, the ratings for the show were not as high as those of Avatar. The final half of season three, and all of season four, was not even shown on the cable network. Instead, Nickelodeon released those episodes online on its website. The launch of The Legend of Korra on Netflix is the first time all four seasons will be available to watch in one location since the series ended in 2014.

Is The Legend of Korra available somewhere else?

Both The Legend of Korra and its predecessor Avatar: The Last Airbender are available to stream on the Paramount Plus service. It’s actually cheaper to subscribe to than Netflix. You can get Paramount Plus, with ads, for just $5.99 a month, or $59.99 for an annual subscription. There’s a higher-price tier that gets rid of the ads. This version costs $9.99 a month, or $99.99 for an annual subscription.

You can sign up for the service at the link below. You get a seven-day free trial with either subscription tier:

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