Remember the Xperia P? We don’t blame you if you don’t. The device launched in February 2012 along the Xperia U and it was supposed to be the “middle child” in Sony’s NXT trio of devices. The mid-ranger received a tepid welcoming and it soon faded off the radar, especially after Sony adopted a brand new design concept with the Xperia Z.

Now if a report out of China is accurate, Sony could be resurrecting the Xperia P line in the form of the P2: a device sporting a similar design, top specs, and a massive 4,240 mAh battery.

The leak consists of an alleged render of the device, along with specifications and precise dimensions.

xperia 2 full

The Xperia P2 will reportedly feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor, 3GB of RAM, 32GB of storage space, a 5.2-inch Full HD display, a 12.1MP rear camera, a 5.1MP front camera, and a positively huge 4,240 mAh battery.

If these specs are true and there really is a P2 coming, the device would be a dream machine for many users. That battery alone would put the Xperia P2 in very select company.

xperia p2 schematics

According to the leaked schematics, the device will be between 8.9 mm and 10.9 mm thick, suggesting there will be a curved back. It’s been years since any Android flagship went over 10 mm in thickness, but with a battery like that, the compromise may be worth it.

Now let’s talk design – the leak claims the P2 will feature a design that closely resembles the 2012 Xperia P (and S, and U), with a “chin” at the bottom separated from the screen by what appears to be a metallic strip. The big difference is the almost edge-to-edge screen, resembling the Sharp Aquos Crystal, with a slightly higher bezel at the top, hosting the front camera and a speaker.

Now, there’s nothing that screams “fake” about this leak, but we’re a bit skeptical that it’s real and accurate. Why would Sony reuse a three-year old design that has failed to really impress users the fast time around? And why would Sony complicate its life by releasing another high-end smartphone besides the Xperia Z4?

You could argue that Sony is just trying to shake things up, and that it hopes that a thick device with a massive battery will stand on its own and not cannibalize the Xperia Z line.

Or, this leak is just another wild goose chase.

Tell us what you think about this Xperia P2 leak? Credible or not? Would you buy it if Sony made it?

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