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Ninja Spinki Challenges!! is the latest game from Dong Nguyen, the man behind the viral sensation, Flappy Bird. And now it’s available for download in the Play Store. While it’s not exactly the same as Flappy Bird, if you’re up for a fun challenge, this might just be what you need.

Nguyen has worked with Obokaidem, a Japanese publisher, to bring Ninja Spinki Challenges!!. Once the game starts, you will be taken to a set of challenges. You will need to do one of them in order to unlock an “endless” mode. For instance, in the first challenge, you simple have to swipe left or right in order to avoid being hit by an incoming obstacle. Spinki moves extremely fast, so take advantage of that. The goal is to not die until the timer goes all the way down to zero; once you finish the challenge, the endless mode is unlocked where the goal is to gain as many stars as possible.

There are six challenges per level, and there are five levels. So essentially you have 30 mini-games you can play. The first few are very straightforward (but nerve-racking nonetheless), but as you progress, it becomes more frustratingly difficult. The good news is, however, just like Flappy Bird, none of these challenges are complex. Each game is explained at the beginning, and all you’re doing is tapping or swiping on your screen.

The good news is, however, just like Flappy Bird, none of these challenges are complex.

One annoying thing that I noticed though is that when you die and you want to continue without retrying entirely, you do have to watch ad videos. And those videos can be pretty long. Other than that, it looks like the latest game from Nguyen is completely free. So if you’re looking to kill some time this weekend, click the button below to download Ninja Spinki Challenges!! from the Play Store!

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