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We asked, you told us: Most of you are ditching LastPass after changes

More than four in five respondents are jumping ship for a rival password manager.

Published onFebruary 25, 2021

LastPass Security Challenge
Joe Hindy / Android Authority

LastPass is a big player in the password management game. The platform’s simple enough for newcomers to use while offering a bevy of advanced features for tinkerers and businesses. However, it’s LastPass free users that are set to bear the brunt of forthcoming changes.

The company announced limitations coming to free account holders that’ll force them to use LastPass on only a PC or mobile device. No longer will they be able to sync passwords across the two platforms — a key, priority feature for many.

With this news, we asked readers about their future plans regarding LastPass. Are they willing to stay with the platform despite the restrictions, or move on to something else? Here’s what they told us.

With the new policy changes, will you stick with LastPass free?

LastPass free poll results

This poll saw over 7,500 votes cast, so clearly there is a slew of LastPass users in our reader base. Notably, there are some readers who plan to remain with LastPass. In total, around 15% of respondents will either purchase LastPass Premium or adjust to the changes on their free accounts.

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Surprisingly, 2.6% of respondents say they’ll ditch LastPass but won’t employ another password manager at all.

However, there was one overwhelmingly popular option in this poll. Just short of 6,300 readers (82%) told us they’re leaving LastPass and moving to a competitor platform. Those jumping ship have a bevy of options, but Bitwarden seems to be the most uttered in the comments section.

Here’s what you told us

  • Steve Magruder: Good to know LastPass thinks my mobile Android device isn’t a computer and that my laptop computer isn’t mobile. Requiring free users to make these nonsense distinctions and only keep their app on a “single type” just did one thing for me: Made me search for a replacement.
  • Smoked: This gave me the push I needed to export (easy peasy) my data from LastPass and import it into Bitwarden.
  • ChrisPollard77: Well, I guess it’s time to switch to one of their competitors then. I was debating a premium membership, but behavior like this means I don’t trust them anymore. Too bad, really. I did actually like the product … until this.
  • White Razor: Got to be honest LastPass has felt incredibly clunky on both Chrome and Android, so I probably wouldn’t mind jumping ship if I have to start paying.
  • zanoniguilherme: I’m actually glad they made this decision, their app was kinda bad but I wasn’t considering changing until now.
  • netanil: Switched to Bitwarden within the first hour of getting the LastPass email about the changes. Zero regrets.
  • Sophia: Missing an option: I left the second LogMeIn purchased Lastpass. Anyone who is familiar with their shady practices knew this day was coming, along with the price hikes.
  • thinkingbrian: I’m not shocked that LastPass is making this change, you got to make money to stay in business. But even with this change, I’m staying with LastPass and just using it on mobile — smartphone, tablet, Chromebook and maybe later just smartphone and an iPad. I can always type out the password if needed on a browser from my smartphone.

That’s it for this LastPass free poll. Thanks to everyone for voting and commenting. If you have any additional thoughts about the poll results, LastPass, or the password manager you’re now using, be sure to drop them in the comments below.

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