There’s plenty of smart and mobile projectors out there, but very few will look as good, be as self-sufficient or work as well as the JmGO View. This Chinese manufacturer is not very commonly known in western markets, but they aim to change this by bringing their latest and greatest product to CES 2016, in Las Vegas.

And trust us when we tell you they will definitely grab your attention, as these guys make some great products. We haven’t gotten a hold of an image of the actual device, but JmGO tells us it looks very much like the previous generation units (JmGO G1 and G1S).


The JmGO View features an aluminum alloy body and a cylindrical shape that makes it look stunning… and rather unique. There is only a single button on the top, which serves as the power on/off switch. Projectors aren’t often good looking, so this is definitely something JmGO did right.

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It is surrounded by a set of speakers that also place it well above most other projectors (we all know integrated projector audio is mostly bad). It can project an image at 1280x720p resolution, as well as 3D. But resolution and 3D capabilities are nothing if the image is no good, right? Well, in this case it is. This thing can display at up to 180 inches, with a contrast of 1000:1 and a 250 lumens of brightness.


Te best part is likely that it is completely self-sufficient, though. The JmGO View will need no extra devices to work. It is powered by Android 4.4, a TI DLP 0.3 WVGA chipset and 1 GB of RAM. Packed inside is also a total of 16 GB of internal storage (8 GB are internal, the other 8 GB come from built-in TF card). The interface can be controlled with the remote or official app, via WiFi. Simple.

Interested? Previous versions were priced at $550-$600, so we can expect a similar price point. Don’t quote us on that just yet, though! we will find out more details at CES. What we do know is that the JmGO View will launch on Indiegogo this coming February 1st.