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JISIWEI S+: a robot that can sweep, vacuum, mop and protect your family

It takes a quick visit to your local Best Buy to see a plethora of cool floor cleaning robots. These are not that smart, though. JISIWEI wants to change that with the new JSW S+.

Published onOctober 1, 2015


It takes a quick visit to your local Best Buy to see a plethora of cool floor cleaning robots. These can often sweep and vacuum your floors, but though they are pretty cool, most don’t go past that basic level of functionality. JISIWEI wants to change that with the new JSW S+.

What exactly is it? It’s a bit hard to explain. Essentially, it is a smarter cleaning robot. It can do much more, and is better equipped than your typical vacuuming bot. Let’s tell you a bit about what it can do.


Of course, cleaning is the JISIWEI S+’s main purpose, and it is very good at doing just that. The JSW S+ can sweep, vacuum and mop. It has 7 available patterns to leave your floor shiny and clean. In addition, the mop installed under the device is pretty large, making cleaning much more convenient.

It is the little things that make the JSW S+ special, though, such as the ability to detect sudden drops. It will back off if it gets too close to falling down the stairs, for example. It also uses 15 sets of front-contact sensors, which makes it twice more sensitive than the common cleaning robot. This ensures that both your furniture and expensive device are safe. In addition, its soft rubber wheels will ensure that your floor gets no scratches from the robot.

Of course, this can all be controlled through the official app.



Aside from being a great cleaning machine, the JISIWEI S+ is meant to keep you closer to your family and pets, as well as giving you peace of mind when it comes to your home’s security. Whenever you want to know what’s going on at home, you can use the official app to check up on things.

The S+ has a built-in camera and connects to WiFi, so users always have a gateway to connect to their pets, loved ones or even those pesky home invaders. The device’s camera not only gives you a live feed. It can also take photos, record video and even send this content to the service’s own cloud storage.

The coolest part is you can turn on Safeguarding & Smart Motion Detection. This will ensble motion detection and alert you if anyone is around.



This is a big deal to many of you. How long will the JISIWEI S+ last on a single charge? The device has a 2600 mAh battery. This may not sound like much to us smartphone geeks, but it turns out this robot can do a lot with that small battery. The company estimates it can do 120 minute sessions per charge, covering about 200 square meters of floor cleaning.

That is definitely not bad for a cleaning device. And if it starts running out of juice, it will simply head back to its charging station and power up. Work can wait until the device reaches its full charge again.


Who’s buying?

Are any of you looking to get one of these? JISIWEI is currently running its funding campaign for the S+ on Kickstarter. There’s very few early bird spots, which would get you a unit for $249. If you can’t get a hold of that deal, the regular Kickstarter prices start at $279. Certainly not a cheap product, but it’s not bad when you compare it to other cleaning robots, especially considering this one can do much more.

Also, shipping is estimated for November, so you can have this little guy running around the house in time for the holidays!