best alternatives to FaceTime on Android

Google Hangouts is one of the more popular video chatting services out there. Believe it or not, though, there are some people who have never signed up for a Google account. How do you chat with these people through Hangouts? Well, up until now, that hasn’t been possible. But thanks to a recent announcement from Google, video chatting with people who don’t have a Google account will soon get much easier.

Google has just announced that it’s dropping the requirement to have a Google account to join a Hangouts video chat. Guests that don’t have a Google account will simply need to click on a video chat link that’s shared with them by the host. All they need to do is enter in their name and then request to join the call.

guest access hangouts

Google is also making it much easier for guests who don’t use Google Calendar by providing a link to the video call in the description of the event. This handy new feature is now available for guests joining with a web browser.

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