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Your Instagram feed has been chronologically ordered since the inception of the popular image (and now video) sharing social network. This keeps things tidy and orderly, but Instagram no longer believes this method works best.

The Facebook-owned social network states users miss about 70% of their feed on average. This is because Instagram has grown so much that most shared images get drowned in a sea of other photos. Sadly, many precious gems you would enjoy looking at get buried in there too.

The solution? They claim the best way to go about it is to apply a similar algorithm to the one we have seen Facebook use. Instagram is looking to prioritize your feed by taking into account what matters to you. This may include your relationship to the user, how much you like an artist and other complex factors.

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If Instagram’s algorithms say a post is more relevant, it will be pushed to the top… waiting for you to open the application. The new experience is set to launch “in the coming months”, so you have some time to complain or praise, if you so choose to.

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Do you even want this?

I, for one, like the orderly nature of a chronologically organized feed. Do I miss Instagram posts I would rather not? Probably, but I still find peace in knowing there is a set structure to my Instagram feed.


If the system will work similar to the parent social network, I have to say I am not a huge fan of the idea. Facebook just seems scrambled. And I can’t “like” anything because suddenly I will be bombarded with posts from the same person.

But what do you think? Maybe it will be convenient to not have to scroll through an infinity of unimportant images just to see those few photos or videos that matter.

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