If you’re like me, you want your apps and information to be portable. This is why I don’t just rely on a single app or device for my communication needs. For instant messaging, I’ve found IMO to be a fairly capable client that can work on a variety of platforms. There’s the standard dynamic web interface, and there are also versions for Android, iOS, Blackberry and now even for Symbian and Windows Phone.

The latest update brings added features to mobile IMO app, particularly the Android version. Version 2.7.5 brings near-field communication (NFC) and location sharing. NFC lets IMO users exchange profiles simply by holding the phones back to back — or in NFC parlance, tapping the phones against each other. These include NFC-enabled devices like the Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy S3, HTC One X, Sony Xperia Sola, among others.

Meanwhile, location sharing will use your phone’s location services to share your present location with friends.

What’s great with IMO is that I can use Google Talk (including Google Apps for domains), Skype, Yahoo messenger, Facebook chat, MSN, AOL, as well as other chat protocols. Once accounts are linked, users only have to login once, and IMO will automagically login your other linked services, too. This is really useful if you have several accounts or online identities.

Granted, while I’m partial to NFC exchange of profiles, I’m not too fond of location sharing, since I feel it’s an invasion of my privacy. But if you’re the type who wants to have chance real-world encounters with your online correspondents, then this version of IMO is for you.

Head on to Google Play to download or upgrade IMO.

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