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Imgur has been one of the most popular image hosting services on the web for some time now, even though the service’s previous Android application was pretty slow and was in dire need of a redesign. But now folks who use the service will be happy to hear that Imgur has been relaunched to the Google Play Store as a fully native application, bringing with it a huge redesign.

The whole app works much better than before. Swiping through images in the redesigned gallery is a breeze this time around, and there’s a brand new uploader that makes it much easier to quickly post a photo. If you’re interested in the full changelog, check it out below:

  • Our first fully native Android app, built from scratch and with love.
  • Redesigned gallery made just for mobile that lets you focus most on what matters: the images, comments, and community.
  • New and improved upload. Create a new post with your camera, saved images, and a healthy dose of your superior storytelling abilities.
  • Bug fix: you’ll no longer get stuck in an image loop.
  • Browse by topic to find the posts that interest you most.
  • Bug fix: you’ll no longer get stuck in an image loop

If you’re a fan of browsing through Internet memes and want that experience at your fingertips at all times, look no further than the new Imgur app. Version 2.0 is now available from the Google Play Store for free.

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