htc desire eye and re first look aa (30 of 34)

Citizen journalists, amateur videographers, and soccer moms, listen up. HTC’s cute little RE Camera will let you live stream to YouTube starting tomorrow.

Released in September along the Desire Eye, the RE is HTC’s take on the action camera product category. The device looks a lot like a tiny periscope, but don’t dismiss it as a toy: the wide-angle lens, 16MP sensor, and waterproofing make it quite capable.

Now HTC is improving the RE on the software side. An update coming tomorrow to the RE Android app will make it possible to broadcast video from the RE on your YouTube channel. To activate the feature, you will just need to sign in to your YouTube channel from the RE app and away you go. You can of course choose whether to make the streamed video private or public, and the video will remain available for viewing after the live broadcast ends.

You will naturally need to connect the RE camera to a smartphone in order to broadcast, as the little gizmo doesn’t have cellular capabilities.

HTC says the feature will be coming to the RE iOS app later this quarter.

Rumors claim HTC is doubling down on the RE, with a range of accessories and new iterations of the product slated for 2015.

To start broadcasting from your pocket periscope, get your update to the RE app in the Play Store from tomorrow.