htc zoe bea

Today HTC introduced a new update to its Zoe app, bringing Chromecast support, content re-ordering, and an improved upload experience. While the usefulness of Zoe — HTC’s video-sharing social app — can be debated depending on who you ask, for those that do enjoy the app, having a way to watch it on the big screen is a major plus and one we are really surprised HTC took so long in implementing.

Moving on to the other changes, you can now reorder the content you put into your Zoe clips, making it easy to choose what photos and videos go in what order. The last big change deals with upload performance, as HTC is now making it easy to retry uploads if you lose connection to a network in the middle of the process. As you probably guessed, there are also some bug fixes here, with the most substantial fix being for a bug that previously caused video playback to pause when changing device orientation.

To grab the update you’ll want to head on over to Google Play. Keep in mind that Zoe is no longer an HTC handset exclusive, with a number of devices supporting it these days.

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