Frothing at the mouth for a killer VR experience? Have $800 burning a hole in your pocket? Have we got news for you! Today HTC launched pre-orders for their Vive virtual reality headset. The pack comes with three games including Google’s jaw-dropping Tilt Brush, which is a 3D painting program. You’ll also get all you need to transform a room into your house into a VR den of the future: wireless lightboxes, two wireless controllers, and all the components necessary to jack yourself Matrix-style into your ferociously specced computer. All this for the low, low price of $800.

Did I say low? Yeowch! That price tag might be a bit painful, but this is some top of the line consumer grade VR equipment, and of all the gadgets we’ve tried in the field, it’s handedly one of the best. Still, it’s better than the $1500 sticker the product was once rumored to have. Unfortunately, it looks like only US residents are eligible for pre-orders so far, but we can cross our fingers that they will expand to other regions in the near future.

We tested the HTC Vive Pre - here are our reactions

HTC is working hand in hand with Valve for this release, so you can use Steam’s Vive-readiness utility to see if your computer can handle high quality VR. To get in on the action and rid yourself 800 pesky dollars, head over to HTC’s dedicated Vive page and pre-order your headset today!

What are your thoughts of the HTC Vive? Have you demoed it anywhere before? What was your experience like? Will you be shelling out $800 for this cutting edge device? Let us know in the comments below!

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