It’s no secret that HTC has been in trouble for a while now. Despite producing some really great phones in the past like the HTC One M7 and HTC One M8, the company has never really seen the sales figures that should accompany such impressive phones. So it’s no surprise that on the back of the failed HTC One M9 that the company’s finances are looking disturbingly grim.

HTC’s sales were down by more than a third in the calendar year 2015, with the company’s year-on-year figures for December down by more than 50%. In fact, the entire last quarter was down around 50% from 2014. As bad as that sounds, December 2015 wasn’t even the worst month for HTC’s free-falling revenue, with a sales decline of over 60% in June 2015 compared to the same time in 2014.

HTC revenue 2015

The only reason the company’s year-end total isn’t worse was due to a relatively decent start to 2015, where the sales drop was closer to 25% for the first quarter. Following the disastrous arrival of the HTC One M9 with its all-too-familiar appearance and problematic Snapdragon 810 SoC, things took a turn for the worse, with the company’s revenue hovering around a 50% sales decline for the rest of the year.

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Even though the HTC One A9 has been received a little more positively than its blatant iPhone clone appearance might have lead you to believe, it’s unlikely the company will be able to turn things around significantly until the HTC One M10 and HTC Vive hit shelves in March and April. By that time the YoY sales decline will have been sitting between 40-60% for an entire year.

Just how much longer can HTC hold on? If the One M10, UA Health Box and HTC Vive are great and sell well, things might change for the better in 2016. But any slip-ups on those products and things are only going to get worse.

When you consider a 25% slump in sales as “the good old days” compared to a more common 50% decline, you know the forecast is not looking good.

What do you think HTC should do to turn things around?

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