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HTC has just posted its financial results for the first quarter of 2015, showing strong improvements in overall revenue and net profit.

From January 1st to March 31st of this year, HTC earned a total revenue of $41.5 billion, which is up a massive 25% year over year. While this is roughly $1.5 billion less than the company earned in Q4 2014, HTC is still showing many signs of progress. After taxes have been taken out, HTC earned $.36 billion in net profit, or $.43 per share. HTC expects revenue in Q2 2015 to be in the range of NT$46 billion to NT$51 billion.

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Moving into Q2, HTC is certainly putting its best foot forward. The company just recently launched the One M9 flagship at MWC a few months ago, alongside the HTC Grip, their first fitness tracker. Also announced at the show was the HTC Vive, a futuristic virtual reality headset built in partnership with Valve. HTC also recently announced in Beijing the HTC One M9+, a bigger One M9 flagship with a fingerprint sensor slated to make its way to a select number of Asian regions.

If you’re interested in learning more about HTC’s financial earnings, head to the source link below.