HTC BoomSound Connect

In the past few years, we’ve seen more and more manufacturers publish their own apps to the Play Store, which allows them to easily update individual apps without the need to push out an entire software update to each device. Ahead of the upcoming One M9 launch, HTC has published three new apps to the Google Play Store which will not only be present on the One M9, but will be available for devices running Sense 7. HTC BoomSound Connect and HTC Connect will control connections through Bluetooth, DLNA, Miracast devices and AllPlay speakers. HTC Tasks has also been added, which is just the new version of the tasks app.

For starters, BoomSound Connect (pictured above) helps control connections to AllPlay speakers by acting as a remote to setup its Wi-Fi, choose different songs to play, and share songs to playlists. Judging by the screenshots, the app seems easy to control and fits in well with the Sense 7 design guidelines.

HTC Connect

Next we have HTC Connect which, unlike BoomSound Connect that acts as a remote, allows your HTC device to stream music, photos and videos to connected devices like televisions and compatible audio systems. To activate Connect, you can swipe up from anywhere on the device with three fingers to bring up the menu. HTC Connect can be used with AllPlay, Blackfire, Bluetooth, DLNA and Miracast-compatible devices.

HTC Tasks

The updated HTC Tasks app looks similar to the Sense 6 version of the app. It still allows you to sync your device with Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync and Google accounts in order to keep your tasks up to date. That’s really all we have from this one so far, so we’ll need to wait awhile to see if HTC will sneak in any major enhancements alongside the launch of the M9.

For now, these apps are incompatible with all devices. That will surely change once the One M9 is out, and once older HTC devices begin to receive Sense 7.

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