HTC One source code

The source code of the HTC One has been made available to developers, HTC has announced on its developer program’s Twitter account.

With pre-orders for the device looking pretty good (and HTC most certainly needs this One to be a hit, considering its latest financial results), it’s nice to see that the company is thinking of those that like to tinker with their device a little more than the norm.

The HTC site currently lists source codes for the Vodafone UK and France editions, both Android 4.1-based, but more will probably come. Also, a Developer Edition of the HTC One will start shipping on April 19.

The same tweet mentions the latest HTC Droid DNA source code being made available on the same Developer Site (the Droid DNA’s source code was first released a few months ago).

HTC is not the only manufacturer that’s generous with its devices’ source codes – Samsung also does the same (the latest ones were for Samsung Galaxy Win and Samsung Galaxy Trend Duos 2).

Bogdan Bele
Bogdan is a tech writer and blogger, passionate about everything mobile in general and Android in particular. When he's not writing about technology or playing with various gadgets (which he's doing most of the time), he enjoys listening to a lot of music and reading.