HTC One M9 commercial 2

HTC has just released its newest advertisement for the One M9, showing off the device in some mildly active scenarios. While the new ad isn’t nearly as interesting as the Robert Downey Jr. clips we saw a few days ago, it does show off some of the M9’s features.

In the commercial, the device is used by some students running through a museum, snapping pictures along the way. The ad then cuts to a clip of a stylish man rollerskating through a crowd of people complete with the tagline “let them stare”. The clip ends with a girl saving the party she’s attending with her trusty One M9 when the power goes out.

HTC has never really been the type of company to focus it’s advertisements on why the M9 stands out from the crowd, though it does still make for some entertaining ads, to say the least. Do you think a focus on features and specifications in these advertisements would be better for the company? Or is showing off the device in real world situations a better route?