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While Samsung gives us three different storage configurations for the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, the HTC One M9 is shipping with only one storage option, though it does have the advantage of a microSD slot. However, for those in HTC’s home country of Taiwan, a larger 64GB option has now arrived, retailing for NT$23,900 or $767.42. That’s a premium of about $67 over Taiwan’s 32GB model.

Aside from double the storage, the 64GB One M9 is otherwise the same as the 32GB model we’re seeing internationally. The One M9 64GB option will be offered both in HTC’s stores and through Chunghwa Telecom outlets in Taiwan. But what about the rest of the world? Focus Taiwan says HTC has absolutely no plans to introduce the model to other markets.

While it’s true that combining the 32GB model with a 128GB microSD card still gives One M9 users considerably more usable space than Galaxy S6 users will have, this still feels like a missed opportunity. MicroSD expansion is great, but it’s also not as fast, and we’re sure there are quite a few soon-to-be HTC One M9 users that would consider paying $50 – $75 more for double the internal storage. At the very least, HTC could throw us a bone and release an unlocked/dev version with 64GB storage.

What do you think, should HTC consider releasing additional storage variants of the One M9 internationally, or is having a microSD slot more than enough?