htc one e9 leaked colors

Earlier this week, HTC all but confirmed the existence of its One M9+ smartphone, but the company also apparently has a different One E9+ handset in the works as well. @Upleaks has just shared a few alleged press renders of the E9+, showing off three color options for HTC’s other upcoming large handset.

The design looks virtually identical to the phone that passed through China’s TENAA certification agency earlier in the month, down to the two-toned color scheme and the redesigned camera lens placement. The leaked images suggest that the E9+ will be made available in grey, gold/white and gold/silver variants.

Details about the HTC One E9+ are still thin on the ground. The handset is rumored to be a 5.5-inch smartphone with a QHD display, rather than the 1080p resolution found in the One M9, and is said to have a plastic body, rather than metal. Previous leaks have also hinted at a Mediatek processor, 20MP camera, and 3GB of RAM, making this a remarkably similar sounding handset to the One M9+, which is expected to debut at HTC’s event in Beijing on April 8th. The only major differentiator between last year’s E8 and M8 was the handset’s plastic body.

It is possible that HTC will be announcing some or all of the anticipated E9, E9+ and M9+ smartphones at the event in China early next month. HTC’s One E series typically hasn’t ventured much further than China in the past, although the One E8 did end up making it to the US through Sprint.

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