HTC One M9 render (1)

If you’re a phone geek, phones are inherently sexy. Well, most of them are. For the rest of the world, some coaxing is required. Press shots and promotional images play a big role in this, which is why companies hire armies of photographers, graphic designers, and 3D artists to make sure their products look at their absolute best.

Enter Jonas Daehnert, an industrial designer based in Germany, who runs a design firm called PhoneDesigner. Jonas took all the information that’s currently available on the One (M9) and created this set of beautiful renders. The stock Android screen simulation is definitely off, but on the hardware side, what you see in these high-quality renders should be pretty close to the real thing.

This work is definitely impressive – Jonas took a set of inconsistent blurry cam shots and turned them into some very convincing images. They get your pulse racing, so to speak, especially if you’re an HTC fan. So, HTC or anyone else looking for talented industrial designers, maybe check this guy out?

We’ll only find out how accurate these luscious renders are on March 1. Meanwhile, would you be interested in the M9 if it ends up looking like this?

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