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When Google first rolled out the Android L developer’s preview back at I/O 2014, HTC announced that they would bring the the new update to One M8 and M7 owners within 90 days of the source code being posted. The promise for timely updates is part of the HTC Advantage, a program that assures customers will get timely updates, cracked screen replacements, and free cloud storage. Once Google released the source code for Android 5.0 Lollipop back in November, HTC’s Mo Versi took to Twitter to announce that the 90-day countdown has started, and that M8 and M7 owners would soon receive their Lollipop updates. 90 days from that announcement falls on February 1st, and with that date rapidly approaching, HTC has announced that they won’t make their 90-day deadline.

HTC says that the 90-day deadline has helped them move along with the update quite rapidly thus far. However, since Google has been constantly updating the code ever since its release, HTC has had a hard time keeping up.

We’ve been working hard in the labs with Google and our carrier partners ever since the code release and are making great progress so far, but if you’ve been following the progress of this rollout you will know that Google has had to address several issues with this release. We’ve been diligently working to fix some of them on our end and incorporating Google’s fixes as quickly as possible, but despite everyone’s best efforts some carrier versions of the HTC One (M8) and HTC One (M7) will not meet our 90 day goal, which is February 1st. While we are committed to delivering within this time period, we are even more committed to ensuring these updates result in an even better experience with your device because that is what the updates are intended to do.

HTC explains that they are taking every necessary precaution to ensure that their users will get the smoothest experience possible. While this news is disappointing, many would argue that HTC taking their time is a good thing. We’ve heard many reports from Moto X (2nd Gen.) owners that are unhappy with the update, and that Motorola should have waited until Lollipop was significantly less-buggy. No matter the case, we know HTC is working hard to get the update pushed out as soon as they can.

We’ve seen the Lollipop update come to Google Play, Unlocked, and Developer Editions of the One M8, and HTC ensures us that other variants aren’t too far behind.

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