While most of us are drooling over Google’s new Nexus family and other Google-y announcements, HTC has started hyping up its next hero phone. The freshly received press invite tells us to “BeBrilliant” and invites us to learn more about HTC’s latest handset on October 20th.

Not a lot is revealed in the invite, but the actual header for the email invitation we received told us we’d get to “Meet the new Marshmallow from HTC on 10/20”. So at the very least, expect Android 6.0 onboard. Based on previous rumors, the phone mentioned here is likely referring to the One A9 “Aero”, a handset that has been leaked numerous times in the past, though with many conflicting reports as to its specs.

Most of the rumors suggest we are looking at a mid-to-high-end device with the A9, and not necessarily a full-fledged flagship. Previously it was believed to have a high-end MediaTek deca-core chip, though other rumors claim it will offer a Snapdragon 615. There’s always the possibility that there could be different models for different markets, as HTC is no stranger to confusing marketing and variants.

It is worth noting is that HTC will not be holding a conventional press event, and instead will broadcast the announcement to the press and to everyday consumers virtually. Are you excited to see what HTC has to offer with its next hero device? Or will it take a miracle to actually make you interested in whatever HTC has to offer? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments below.