Alongside the new One M9 handset, HTC unveiled its Uh-Oh Protection Plan that truly benefits users, as long as those users live in the United States or Mexico. Folks are signed up for the free service automatically when they buy a One M9 or newly-purchased One M8. Within the first 12 months of owning the device, if at any time the user cracks the screen, drops the phone in water, or even switches carriers, HTC will replace the device for free, no questions asked. And if users don’t take advantage of the service, the company will pay $100 towards the next purchase of an HTC One handset.

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Sounds pretty great, right? HTC thinks so too. And to make consumers (and competitors) more aware of the benefits that Uh-Oh provides, President of HTC America Jason Mackenzie recently provided some insight on some of his competitors’ protection plan offerings:

Other OEMs view “protection” as another thing to sell consumers. In our opinion, that isn’t taking care of your customers. It is profiting from their misfortune. In addition to actually paying for their “Elite” protection plans, they also expect you to pay additional service fees to use the service – and, you don’t get anything back if you don’t use it. Some competitors are just offering coverage for some types of damage covered by HTC UH OH Protection but not others. HTC is making sure our customers are taken care of without additional costs because we believe that if you purchase a premium phone it should stay that way.

To help prove his point, Mackenzie released a big chart that compares HTC’s Uh-Oh Protection Plan to similar offerings from Samsung, Apple, LG and Motorola. Take a look at the chart below for more details.

Also, if you’d like to hear some real horror stories from One M9 owners, head here to read about folks that have already taken advantage of the plan.

What do you think? Does HTC’s Uh-Oh program offer up enough benefits for you to buy the One M9?