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Update, April 14: HTC Boost+ is now available for download in Google Play (see install button below). The app is listed as “beta except for HTC devices” so you might experience some less-than-perfect performance. Also, Game Battery Boost is only available on HTC devices and the app is ad-supported.

Original post, April 12: It’s not just the HTC 10 that is being announced today. HTC has also announced that the Boost+ app included in the HTC 10 will be made available in Google Play for all Android phones running Android Lollipop and above.

HTC 10 vs HTC One M9 quick look

So what does HTC Boost+ do? Well, it’s actually a combination of things. It will declutter your phone by clearing up temp files, cached data and app installers as well as what HTC is calling “advertising clutter”, meaning trackers and the like.

Secondly, HTC Boost+ will help improve security and app management by giving you greater control over the apps on your phone and automating some features for you. This means you can password protect certain apps and HTC Boost+ will regularly remind you about apps you haven’t used in a while to see if you want to uninstall them to clear up additional storage space.

Finally, Boost+ also serves as a memory booster via an option called Smart Boost. Many consider this type of task killer to be nothing more than voodoo because the nature of Android has tasks you just killed firing right back up moments later. Of course, you don’t have to use it if you don’t want to, but the panacea is there for those that want it.

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HTC Boost+ will also show you a nice dashboard of your currently available storage along with a percentage readout of how much you have available. A real-time readout shows your percentage of RAM consumption and there’s also a battery boost mode specific for gaming.

Whether you’re into all these features or not, we applaud HTC for shifting features like these into an app setting rather than baking them into its software UI, which does little more than slow the update process down.

Will you be downloading HTC Boost+? What kind of cleaners, boosters and managers do you currently use?