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Is the HTC 10 a perfect 10? If HTC wants to even come close to perfection with its latest flagship, the 10 must deliver a very strong camera performance. After all, the hit and miss camera on last year’s M9 was one of the main reasons that phone turned into a massive flop.


The good news is early signs are very positive. In fact, the camera experts at DxOMark have put the HTC 10 through its paces and declared it the best in their ranking. With 88 points, the HTC 10 ties for the first place the Galaxy S7 Edge, a device that has been almost unanimously praised for its excellent camera.

DxOMark praised the HTC 10’s “very good details preservation,” “fast and accurate autofocus in all conditions,” and “good exposure. Good noise reduction in low light and accurate colors are also the 10’s strong suit, notes the review. Blown-out highlights in bright scenes, some loss of sharpness, and some flash issues were listed among the cons of the HTC 10’s still camera, which overall received a score of 88 points.

The video side is almost as good – DxOMark assigned the HTC 10 a score of 86 points, noting the good stabilization, exposure, and white balance, with fast and accurate autofocus. From the cons list, the HTC 10 is reportedly suffering from “occasional focus failures while panning (device stays unfocussed).”

The HTC 10 features a 1.55μm UltraPixel sensor with optical image stabilization and laser-assisted autofocus, and an f/1.8 lens that lets 135% more light in every shot compared to older HTC devices.

We’ve already brought you our hands-on with the HTC 10, as well as a full specs and features rundown, and a comparison with the One M9. Stay tuned for a full review coming on Thursday, where we’ll take a close look at the camera of the HTC 10 and see if it’s really that good.

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