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Hill Climb Racing: Physics driving game starring Newton Bill


Published onOctober 18, 2012

Ever wondered how it feels to race up and down a hill at full speed, feeling the air on your face, and landing on the ground in the most epic way? True daredevils and thrill-seekers will definitely be excited to do this stunt, but for ordinary people, being a spectator will just be enough.

But, who says you just have to be watching and not feel the thrill and excitement firsthand? With Hill Climb Racing, you get to be a stunt driver, not in real life, but with the use of your Android device.

Hill Climb Racing follows the story of an aspiring uphill racer, Newton Bill. This is a physics-based driving game where you help Newton drive up and down a hill while collecting coins and fuel tanks. Although you don’t really race per se, the game will still keep you on the edge of your seat with all the bumping and crazy stunts that Newton performs.

The game sports onscreen controls, one for gas and one for brake. Holding down the gas pedal will boost Newton’s car up the hill, but you have to balance between using the gas and brake pedals to help Newton land safely.

The game also features cool sound effects and a really spunky background music. Wait ’till you make Newton pull off a neck flip, you’ll certainly hear the cracking of the poor guys’ neck.

Gauges for boost and RPM are also shown on the screen, helping you keep track of how fast or how slow you are going. Aside from collecting coins in purchasing car upgrades, Newton has to collect fuel containers to keep his fuel tank full. If you run out fuel, the game ends.

You get to play four hill climbing environments — the countryside, the desert, the Arctic, and the moon. The first environment you’ll be able to play is the countryside level, but if you want to try the other environments, you have to finish the level or you can opt to exchange some coins to unlock the other environments.

You can make Newton pull off stunts — I find this feature addictive. Stunts like air time and neck flip are achievable with the right amount of presses on both the brake and gas pedals. Watch Newton flip his car or get a good two or three seconds of air time and obtain bonuses for pulling the stunts off.

Hill Climb Racing also allows you to upgrade Newton’s car parts. Using the coins you’ve collected in the game, you can purchase upgrades for Newton’s engine, suspension, tires, and 4WD. Keep playing the game and you’ll definitely be able to upgrade all of Newton’s car parts to their fullest.

You can share your scores together with screenshots with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Let your friends know of Newton Bill and his escapades as he conquers each hill with his stunts.

Hill Climb Racer can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store and is ad-supported. Don’t worry though, the ads don’t appear on the main game screen so you won’t be disturbed while playing the game. Download Hill Climb Racer today and help Newton Bill conquer every hill on Earth and on the moon.

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