In addition to talking with your friends, browsing the web, and watching videos online, our mobile devices can also be used for helping others. A great example of this is an app called Be My Eyes, which launched on iOS devices a few years back and has now finally made its way to Android.

The app connects a blind person with a sighted volunteer, who can offer assistance regarding various things — checking the expiry date of the milk, making sure the person’s clothes match, and so on.

When blind or visually impaired users request help via the app, the registered sighted volunteers get notified on their smartphones. When someone accepts a request, a live audio-video connection is set up between the two. The user seeking help can then just point the camera at something — a can of beans, for example — and ask the volunteer to check the expiry date. 

If you want to do some good in the world, the Be My Eyes app is a great way to start. You can download it from the Play Store via the button below.