Back in 1994, I had a Starfox wristwatch that made me, inarguably, the coolest kid in first grade.

Sure, the little buttons were hard to press. And yes, the tiny screen made it impossible to tell what was going on. And perhaps it’s true that Mrs. Graham sent me home with a note that said “John struggles to pay attention as it is, so giving him gadgets to bring to school only exacerbates the problem.”

Nevertheless, I was a hit on the playground. (Or at least I got hit on the playground. Being a geek wasn’t as easy in the 90’s.)

Technology sure has come a long way. Today, Youtuber Hacking Jules released a video showcasing his ability to run Super Mario 64 and the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time on an LG G Watch.

Sure, the buttons look hard to press. And yes, the tiny screen makes it impossible to tell what’s going on. And maybe it’s true that Mrs. Graham would be no more thrilled to see this in her classroom than she was to bear witness to my mighty Starfox watch.

But still, you’ve gotta admit it’s pretty damn cool.

The N64 emulator actually looks pretty workable. The framerate seems to chug pretty frequently, but I’ve seen people have a worse time in Minecraft and just deal with it. A physical controller seems like it would free up a lot of the screen and increase playability too.

What are your thoughts? Technological breakthrough worthy of Mrs. Graham’s appreciation or total waste of time and computing power?