Greenify teaser

Greenify, the app that lets you tell your apps when to go to bed, has just been updated to v2.8 with some very cool new app doze features. Aggressive Doze mode is a new feature for Android Marshmallow that doesn’t require root and there’s also Shallow Hibernation mode, which does require root. Both experimental features add even more value to the best app hibernation solution around.

Android 6.0 Marshmallow features

In typical Greenify fashion, Aggressive Doze mode lets you force a Marshmallow device into Doze Mode much more quickly than it would otherwise occur. The best thing is that this is a non-root feature. Typically the best Greenify features are reserved for root users but this one works for all devices on Android 6.0 and above.


The next experimental feature, Shallow Hibernation, does require root privileges, but it is very cool. Shallow Hibernation is an all-new hibernation mechanism that puts apps to sleep without killing them.

Shallow Hibernation basically means that when an app is closed, its last state is preserved ready for your next interaction, just as it would be when you normally switch apps. The difference is that Shallow Hibernations tops the app from running any background processes when you’re not actively using it.

Greenify aggressive doze shallow hibernation

There are some other updates too: non-root hibernation now dims the screen, foreground apps never hibernate, Greenify is now Smart Lock compatible and there’s some other stuff in there too. A previous update added non-root auto-hibernation for Android 4.1+ devices, but the method required a non-secure lock screen setting which isn’t exactly advisable just to save some battery life.

Do you use Greenify? How do you manage wake locks and background processes?