“I’m pickin’ up good vibrations…”

Between work and kids and family drama and bills and cramped plane rides and bad wifi connections, life can get pretty stressful. It’s times like that when it’s helpful to just take a step back and be reminded of all the good things in life, like our jobs, our kids, our families, traveling, and the internet.

It’s a pretty awesome concept and it could not be simpler to use

Someone once challenged me when I wake up in the morning to take a few seconds and think of three things in my life that I’m grateful for. Thankfully, for the lazy bums like me, there’s now an app for that. Gratus is a new app for Android that is designed to help remind you of all the things you are grateful for. It’s a pretty awesome concept and it could not be simpler to use. Once you open the app, there is an almost Twitter-esque card in front of you that prompts you to simply write about something you are grateful for. You can of course add in a picture to the post and you can even tag friends. Once you save it to your feed, those who were tagged are notified and anyone who follows you will see your post and can give it a like, eerily similar to other photo sharing apps we know and love.

My favorite feature is a widget that will allow you to save the things you are grateful for right to your home screen so you’re reminded of them every single one of the 10 billion times you check your phone during the day. This is only available in the premium version, which costs $2.99. That small price tag will also get you access to passcode/fingerprint protection, the ability to show notes in your notification panel, as well as a daily reminder feature.

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Life can be hard, but now there’s an easy way to remind you that there are some really awesome things about life as well.

Interested? Head to the Play Store link below for the download.