If you are still using Google+ as part of your social networking activities, then you might see some new stuff popping up in your account in the very near future. Google is adding a feature called Topics that will start showing up in your home stream, with content that the company hopes that you will be interested in reading. This new feature is supposed to start rolling out in the next couple of days.

The idea behind Topics is that Google+ users would, in theory, want to read about content from other members that they would not necessarily find on their own. A list with a number of pre-selected Topics will soon begin appearing on your home stream as a “Topics to explore” card. If you find one that matches your interest, such as “Art” or “All Things Google”, you can click on it, and then you should see a stream of content posted on Collections, Communities and people with a Google+ account on that specific subject.

Obviously, Google is hoping is that if you find a Topic on Google+ that you like, you might want to stick around and check out what other people and groups are also saying about that subject.  Of course, that’s assuming you are still using Google+ in the first place. If you are not, would this new Topics feature make you want to come back? Let us know in the comments!