Every week, we seem to get news about a new piece of malware that’s been discovered on Android phones, infecting them and causing security issues for smartphone owners. To help make sure users feel at ease when buying a new Android phone, Google launched the Google Play Protect program back at Google I/O 2017. The program, which began rolling out to devices a few weeks ago, includes things like Android’s Find My Device feature and automatic virus scanning.

What’s the deal with Android’s new security suite ‘Google Play Protect’?

Google now is making sure Android phone buyers feel even more secure. The company has just announced that devices certified by the Play Protect program will say so on their packaging.

Devices from companies like Samsung, LG, and HTC are already certified by Google Play Protect, but this new change should help you know whether that Android phone from a smaller OEM is certified or not. Just look for the little green shield on your next Android phone’s box.