Google Play Music Chromecast apps

Have a massive ton of music in your personal collection that you’d love to have access to anywhere and everywhere through the power of streaming? As you likely already know, Google Play Music makes it all very easy, offering up the ability to upload your music for free. What you might not know is that there is a limit, even if it was already set pretty high.

While most of us probably never would have reached the 20,000 song limit previously imposed on users of the free service (or maybe we would have?), Google is now taking things up another notch by setting the new limit at 50,000 songs. Google’s upload service is certainly welcome for those users with plenty of existing songs (ripped from CDs, bought digitally, etc) that we want to access through the cloud, especially in the case of indie music that might not be found normally through streaming services like Google Play Music All Access or Spotify.

So what do you need to do to ensure your limit is raised on your account? Nothing. When you open up the settings section on the Play Music website the Uploaded Songs should now show you can store a total of 50,000 songs.

Were any of our readers already up against the 20,000 wall? What do you think of the new limit?