If you happen to live in the U.S. or Canada, get ready for a much better viewing experience in Google Play Movies & TV. Starting today, Google is rolling out High Dynamic Range (HDR) support for a few select movies and television shows.

Just because you select an HDR-enabled movie however, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll look better on your current setup. You’ll need a TV or monitor with HDR support in order to enjoy the upgrade. Chromecast Ultra owners can now stream HDR content from Play Movies & TV, too. As long as your internet is strong enough (Googs recommends a consistent download speed of at least 15 Mbps) and a compatible TV, your device will be able to stream 4K UHD titles. If you happen to have internet that’s a bit slower, your movie might play in HD or SD quality.

You’ll be able to spot HDR-enabled content in the app by looking for an [HDR] tag in the video’s title.

HDR display technology: Everything you need to know

For more details on watching 4K UHD and HDR content with Google Play Movies & TV, head to Google’s support page here.