Play Books Disover

If you keep adding to your collection of half-read books, Google Play Books’ new Discover feature might help you find titles that better suit your fancy.

Live now for Android and iOS, the retouched Play Books section of Google Play will deliver an regularly updated selection of ebooks that have been aggregated from a collection of hot titles around the web, and computer-generated picks of stories based off your browsing history and habits.

The new Discover feature will help recommend books based on news stories, reviews, lists, and videos from around the web, helping you stay on top of what’s current and popular. Google’s algorithms are tuned to help surface the right stories based on the books you read on Play Books, too. So if you’re reading an article or watching a video, Discover will automatically pull out the books that are mentioned and recommend them to you.

Rounding out the new Discover feature, Play Books has also received a new Google Play Editorial section that will include author interviews, essays by favorite writers and book selections from some of the literary world’s leading voices.

Considering that there are over five million ebooks available on Google Play Books, a lot of people might spend a less of their time researching books and a bit more of it reading them. So what do you think of the Discover feature? Are you interested, or were stocking your library with ebooks just fine without it?

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