Let’s face it: Google Now on Tap hasn’t been the most popular Android feature in recent years. While it can be convenient at times, more often than not Now on Tap is overlooked and ignored.

Google is clearly working hard to bring more functionality to the feature, though, especially over the past few weeks. Most recently, Now on Tap gained text selection and the ability to perform image searches, which has actually proved to be quite handy.

Now Google is bringing even more useful features to Now on Tap.

A new feature appears to be rolling out to some users that brings two new rows of shortcuts: quick actions and nearby places. The quick actions row gives you easy access to different tasks like creating reminders, events, setting alarms, starting timers, and navigating to work and home. Clicking on one of these shortcuts will open up the same interface in the Google app that you’d see if you asked via a voice command.

The second row of shortcuts will give you quick links to places nearby like restaurants, cafes, bars, gas stations and more.

The two new rows of shortcuts reportedly only appear when Now on Tap is activated on the home screen, so you won’t get these options when you’re searching in an app. Still, having these options available from the home screen is much better than getting that disappointing “Nothing on Tap” card.

Do you have access to the new feature? If so, let us know in the comments!