After Google bought Nest, there were a number of folks upset about the potential privacy implications of allowing a massive search giant into our homes through cameras, thermostats and other smart appliances. In our own articles related to the purchase, we found several readers commenting about how they were now going to get rid of their Nest devices and so on.

Whether you think that all the criticism is justified or not, it’s pretty clear Nest needs to tread carefully when it comes to public perception. Their latest ad campaign certainly is a good start. The ads are actually pretty funny, especially the one with the kid and the one with ‘grandpa’ at the very top.

The ads focus not only on Nest’s connected thermostat and smoke alarm, but also the recently acquired Dropcam as well. It’s also worth noting that Google isn’t mentioned anywhere in the ads.

What do you think of the latest ads, and Nest in general? Let us know in the comments.