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Both the 2015 Moto G and Android Auto are relatively new products, so it’s no surprise to see them showing some bugs and issues from time to time. But the real problem emerges when you try to mix the two together!

Reports around the web suggest many (not all) new Moto G users have been experiencing issues trying to connect their handsets to their Android Auto-equipped vehicles. If you are lucky enough to sport Google’s new infotainment system, this is pretty bad news. The system should work with any device running Lollipop or higher; what is the problem here, then? We are not sure quite yet, but the Moto G does come with Android 5.1.


When Moto G users try to connect, they will often get an error message that reads: “This device doesn’t support Android Auto”. It’s hard to tell what the discrepancy is, exactly, but at least now we know Google is working with Motorola to fix this. Such is what their latest update to the “known issues” list states.

Motorola Moto G

Android Auto doesn’t start on the Moto G. We’re working with Motorola on a solution.


Your Moto G/Android Auto hassles should be over soon enough. We have no ETA for the update, but at least Google is taking care of the issue. After all, the 2015 Moto G is bound to be a pretty popular handset! Wouldn’t want all these users running around without Android Auto support, especially as they try to push the new platform out there.

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