Google Messenger

The Google Messenger app has recently received an update to version 1.2. The latest update includes new support for animated GIF files and some options have been moved to a new Advanced settings menu.

To send a GIF, just click the attach icon and pick an image file from your gallery like any other picture type. Messenger will then give you an animated preview before you hit send.

Google Messenger version 1-2
Left: Old settings. Middle: New settings. Right: GIF preview

As for the menu change, under settings there is now an extra Advanced option, which moves your phone number, auto-retrieve MMS setting and delivery report option into a separate screen. It’s a minor tweak, but makes the settings menu feel a little more organised than the long list used before.

The v1.2 update is rolling out gradually to different regions. If you can’t wait for the update to hit your local Play Store, you can install the latest Google Messenger version with the APK file found here.