• Google has updated its Find My Device service to include indoor maps for large areas.
  • Among these are malls, stadiums, and airports.
  • The update should make it easier for users to pinpoint lost phones.

Losing a phone can instill a paralyzing fear in a person. Fortunately, apps like Google’s Find My Device make them easier to recover. Now, the app has gotten even better thanks to a new update bringing support for indoor positioning (via Ars Technica).

Google has added indoor maps for places such as airports, malls, stadiums, and other large buildings, to make it easier for users to pinpoint the location of a lost device. Instead of GPS button hovering over the building, the device will now be shown on the floor plan, giving users a more accurate approximation of where their phone is hiding.

This by no means guarantees you’ll retrieve a lost device but it does give you a better chance, and especially at the locations where a phone may otherwise disappear for good (rather than it falling behind the sofa at home). 

You can download the Find My Device via the button below and online at google.com/android/find. It’s a free service so it’s well worth checking out.

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