google gmail nexus 5 1

Yesterday Google released a new version of the Gmail app, bringing a few minor changes to the mix, as well as a big improvement to how you look at contact information.

Starting with the changes to viewing contact information, you can now simply touch on a user’s avatar to see contact information, recent conversation, and other details at a glance. This is a much simpler way to find relevant info related to a contact.

Beyond this? We imagine there are the usual bug fixes and speed improvements, though Google only specifically mentions the people’s avatar change and more reliable “support for non-Gmail addresses (IMAP)” and changes that make adding additional accounts a smoother experience.

As is typical of Google, the update is expected to roll out in stages over the next few days. For those that don’t want to have to wait any longer than they have to, you can download the APK here and manually install it.

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